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Frequently asked questions

What is your aim?

Murphy Resources aim is simple - we aim to provide five star quality educational resources at fair prices. Our resources are mapped to UK specification in two complementary subject areas - Computer Science and Business Studies.

Where can I purchase products?

We only sell on the Murphy Resources website. This enables our customers to access fast downloads with no waiting around for old fashioned disks, and eliminates paper and plastic waste.

How do I recieve my order?

Any product you purchase is a digital download from the cloud. You can however add a backup CD to your order. Only one disk will be sent for your entire basket (unless the files don't fit!) - if you want individual disks get in touch before ordering.

How is my data used?

If you have purchased on Amazon past or present we have some basic information like your name and order ID. You can formally request this by email. If you purchased on our website you may also need to contact Wix as they host our site in their fluffy clouds.

Who are Murphy Resources?

Murphy Resources is ran and owned by sole trader Lee Murphy. Yes - I am a real qualified teacher! I teach computer science and business education in the West Midlands. If you need to know anything else get in touch.

I have a different question...

You need our infrequently asked questions page. I'll be honest, that doesn't exist. Click contact at the top or bottom of this page to send me an email or direct your pigeon carrier towards Walsall.

Can I get an invoice?

You will recieve an email with order information on, however if you would like a paper invoice you can add it to your basket.

Can I get a refund?

Our products are non-refundable unless there is a problem with it (in accordance with the Consumer Rights act). As they are digital downloads some differences apply to traditional revision books.

Can I share the files with someone else?

It depends. Please look on our licence terms and conditions page or contact us if you are unsure.

What happens if I lose the files?

Silly goose. You can order a back-up CD retrospectively - make sure you use the same account as when you placed your order so we know what to send. Get in touch if you still require help.

Are you on social media?

Yes - follow us on Twitter @MurphyResources or search 'Murphy Resources' on Facebook. Please note I will not reply to private messages ('DMs') from students for safeguarding reasons.

I'm a teacher moving school. Can I take my product with me?

Computer says no. Please read our terms and conditions carefully - you must leave your product behind and delete any files from your personal devices.