Licence Terms
Important information about your purchase.

Licence for schools

Internal Use - sharing

It is our mission is to provide top quality revision and learning support products at a fair price. As part of this mission, all of our products come with a licence to cover use within one centre even in different departments (e.g. E-commerce from Business Studies might be useful for ICT).


Internal use - editing


The centre have control as to how they use the product internally; for example, distributing to students through a VLE or network, editing the presentations or printing copies. We include a PDF version of each file to help you do this.


External use


Our licences do not cover sharing original or amended copies of products by any means. It is up to the responsibility of the centre to ensure no third party is able to access the product at any time. This includes web pages accessible via a search engine.


Licence transfer


We understand members of teaching and support staff transfer centres to find new jobs or progress in their career. Many staff will find it in their own interest to take accumulated resources with them; particularly if they have made changes to their preference. Our products are non-transferable - staff are not able to take any Murphy Resources with them to a new centre (including centres within the same academy trust). This also means you are unable to re-sell the product externally.

Refunds and problems

Refunds and exchanges


We are compliant with the Consumer Rights Act on digital downloads which means we must provide a partial, full refund or exchange if the product is not as described or files are missing or damaged. We are unable to refund a purchase if you have changed your mind. However, if you have ordered a product for the wrong exam board by mistake or you change exam board within 14 days of order we will send you the correct one at no charge. For example, you order Business Revision for AQA but you change exam board to Edexcel we can swap your order (within 14 days). We ask you delete the files for the first download.

Failure to comply with the terms of this licence may result in legal action and could bring your establishment into disrepute. Murphy Resources have discretion to decide the most reasonable option in the event of refund or exchange.

Licence for individuals

Internal and External use

If you have purchased this product as a student for your own use, you may wish to share this with friends and even teachers. The licence covers sharing with friends if they are in the same school. You should do this without making it open to other schools, for example you cannot share on social media (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp), shared cloud storage folders or forums. You are not able to share the product with friends from a different school, even within the same academy trust.

If you do decide to share with somebody in your school, the product will become an internal product of the school, rather than a personal product at home. This means you and your school now have equal responsibility to make sure the product is not shared externally. If you decide not to share it, you may wish to recommend it to your friends instead – our prices are fair.

The three most common scenarios are presented below:


We feel our licence terms of use is fair for both sides. If you are unsure whether your practice is in breach of the terms, or for any other query, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Failure to comply with the policy may result in legal action.